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L.A. di Visintini Andrea e Francesco & C. snc
via Monte Bianco, 17 - 33040 Povoletto (UD) Italia
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Our product range includes metallic frames as well as parts made of iron, special steel and stainless steel, either rough or “visible” with high quality finishing.

The flexibility of our production capacity allows us to satisfy at their best the requirements that our customers express, thanks to the fact that our whole production is made inside our buildings (with exception of the chromium plating and of the painting): thus we can guarantee to our customers a direct control over the quality of our products, not only before their delivery, but also during the whole manufacturing process.

This care gives us, in addition, the power to shorten our reaction time and to guarantee more punctual deliveries.

With some of our customers, therefore, we have activated over the years a “Just-In-Time” delivery service, which gives them the possibility, on the basis of an agreed on planning, to receive only the required number of pieces for each of the produced items with every delivery.


Made of iron, special steel and stainless steel.


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In view like, for example, frames for chairs, high stools, tables, sofa-feet.


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In view such as: feet, arms, movements and mechanisms, etc.


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Of course, the structure of the above listed items can also include mechanisms and movements, turned parts and laser-cut parts, belts, springing, wooden parts, cardboard sheets, plastic plugs and inserts, etc.


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