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L.A. di Visintini Andrea e Francesco & C. snc
via Monte Bianco, 17 - 33040 Povoletto (UD) Italia
Tel.+39 0432 679 518 - Fax +39 0432 679 806 - e-mail: servizi@lavisintini.it
C.F. e P.IVA n. IT 00602410300


We produce items that are made of iron ST37/ST52, special steel and stainless steel, and hence use different kinds of flat bars as well as tubes.

Furthermore, we make use of a broad range of accessory materials, such as: turned parts, laser-cut parts, belts, wooden parts, foam (polyether & polyester), mechanisms, movements, cardboard sheets, plastic plugs and inserts, etc., so that we can offer our customers a finished product, which is ready to be delivered to their final customer.

A fundamental characteristic of our production capacity is its flexibility; thanks to this peculiarity, we are able to adapt the manufacturing process to the requirements of our customers.

The greater part of our machines are CNC-Machines.


Cutting machine with pipe shears for tubes: both straight and inclined cuts can be made, even with very small degrees of inclination; (+ snagging and washing).


Cutting machine with bar shears for flat materials.


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Pipe-bending machine: herewith it is possible to bend variable radiuses as well as multi-radiuses in succession on the same piece; moreover, by means of special tools, this machine allows the manufacturing of curves with very tight bending radiuses (i.e.: MR34 on tube with 30 mm of diameter; MR20 on tube with 22 mm of diameter).


Bending rolls: this machine is used to bend curves with wide radiuses both on tubular and on flat materials.


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We dispose of various presses to punch and drill as well as of many drills with multiple machining heads for drilling and for thread-cutting.


Machining centre.


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Nr.2 welding robots; one of the robots has an automatic tool changer on its welding arm, which allows the making of both wire-welding and TIG-welding.


THE WELDING GAUGES ARE ENTIRELY PLANNED AND MANUFACTURED WITHIN OUR PRODUCTION AREA and are designed so as to guarantee the highest precision possible of our products.


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Also for the finishing and final processing we have a specific area within our works.


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Our production is manufactured almost completely inside our structure, so that we can guarantee a direct control over the quality of our products as well as over the punctuality of our deliveries: the chromium plating and the painting are the only exceptions. To this purpose, our products are transported inside specially provided containers which protect the items and assure the safety of the pieces during their transfers.


On the return of the goods from the painting / chromium plating we perform a quality control on all the surfaces and finishing, previous to the delivery of our products.


Also for the final packaging, we create a specific protective wrapper for each item, especially for those articles which are particularly delicate, so that we can guarantee the safe transport of the goods to our customers. These latter often use our packaging for the deliveries to their final customers as well.


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